Pool Cleaning

Chemicals & Baskets
Weekly Service From $100/mo

-Checking bags, baskets, screens, and traps, and cleaning as needed:

-Weekly inspection of mechanical systems including the cleaner.

-Clean & lubricate O-rings as needed.  Cleaner repairs will incur additional charges.

Includes all Chemical Only services plus:

-Filter Cleaning is an additional charge per occurrence. We will clean the cartridges, inspect the manifold, check and lubricate o-rings, and reassemble per manufacturer's specifications. Recommended 2 to 3 times per year.


Smaller filter systems require more frequent cleaning.  If your system is small or the pool is very large, you may need additional cleanings.  One time filter cleanings start at $65.

Swimming Pool

Chemicals Only

Weekly Service from $85/mo

-Weekly check and balancing of Chlorine & pH.

-Includes an emailed report after each service listing services done and chemicals used.

-Seasonal testing and additions of alkalinity, calcium & Conditioner.

-Treatments available for an additional fee include: Algaecide, clarifier & sequestering agent.

You can find a lot more information on our Older Website: www.ElkGrovePoolGuy.com

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