Pool Cleaning

Chemicals & Filters
Weekly Service From $90/mo.

-Checking bags, baskets, screens, and traps, and cleaning as needed:

-Weekly inspection of mechanical systems including the cleaner.

-Clean & lubricate O-rings as needed.  Cleaner repairs will incur additional charges.

Includes all Chemical Only services plus:

-Every 6 months we will take apart the filter system, clean the cartridges, inspect the manifold, check and lubricate o-rings, and reassemble per manufacturer's specifications.

Please note, This level includes a filter cleaning every 6 months. Smaller filter systems require more frequent cleaning.  If your system is small or the pool is very large, you may need additional cleanings.  One time filter cleanings are $75.00.

Swimming Pool

Chemicals Only

Weekly Service from $75/mo.

-Includes an emailed report after each service.

-Weekly check and balancing of Chlorine & pH.

-Seasonal testing and additions of alkalinity, calcium & Conditioner.

-Includes limited algaecide, clarifier & sequestering agent.

You can find a lot more information on our Older Website: www.ElkGrovePoolGuy.com

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