Water Testing Kit

Seasonal Updates


There are a few things that need more explanation than I can fit in the monthly invoice. 

Refreshing Pool Water​: All pools eventually need their water refreshed. It is a natural, and normal part of pool maintenance. The water you filled your pool with contained minerals.  As that water evaporates, the minerals are left behind; minerals don't evaporate. You then add more water to your pool and it contains minerals.  This keeps adding up, year after year, until the water finally cannot take any more. 

In our region, pools need a complete refresh about every 5 to 7 years.  However, the ash we got this year has only accelerated the need. I'm recommending everyone try to achieve a 50% refresh by the end of February. If your weekly service report indicated a NITRATE level of 10ppm or higher, you will need to refresh more. We need to get the nitrate level to 5ppm or less. Nitrates above 10ppm will cause unrelenting algae.

When refreshing your pool, you do not want to expose the plaster.  When plaster is exposed to the atmosphere it dries out and can crack.  These small cracks can cause the thin finish layer of your pool to separate from the gunite shell. The process I recommend involves adding water while simultaneously removing water, all the while keeping the water level within the area of the pool tile.  It's really quite easy.

All pools are set up with a way to discharge excess rain water.  If you add fresh water to the pool, and at the same time use the rain discharge method for your pool to remove old water, you will essentially be swapping out the old water for new.  Depending on the size of your pool, you may need to do this for weeks to achieve a good refresh.  Keep in mind we are talking about 1/2 of the pool water being replaced. It will take a while.

Not taking care of this can cause damage to the pool, shorten the life of the filters, and ultimately make it so the pool cannot be maintained. I will test the pools again in the spring to make sure enough was done. PLEASE DO NOT DISREGARD THIS.

Time Off Policy: I'm making some changes to this one.  Essentially it goes like this, some months have 4 service visits while others have 5. I don't charge more for the months that have 5 service visits. Over a full year I service the pool 4 times for free. So, to be fair to myself, I take 4 service days off. It is your responsibility to take care of the pool  when I am off. 


My last two days off this year will be your service day during the week of Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas.


Going forward, I will take the days off in a way so my family can take some summer vacations. We've never been on one because of my job.  I will give you plenty of notice when the time comes.  This is going to require you to add some chemicals to the pool.  I will spell out very clearly what you need to add, and how to add it.