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Water Testing Kit

Seasonal Updates

Time Off Policy: I've made some changes to this policy.  Essentially it goes like this: Only February has exactly 4 weeks. Some months will have 4 service visits while others will have 5. I don't charge more for the months that have 5 service visits. Because of this, over a full year I would service the pool 4 times for free. So, to be fair to myself, each year I take 4 service days off. It is your responsibility to take care of the pool when I am off. 


I almost always take off your service day during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas, plus a day in each of January, and February.


Going forward, I will take the days off in a way so my family can take some summer vacations. I will give you plenty of notice when the time comes.  This is going to require you to add some chemicals to the pool.  I will spell out very clearly what you need to add, and how to add it.

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