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Pool Cleaning

We offer two levels of weekly service starting from $100/mo.

All levels include maintaining: pH, chlorine, calcium, conditioner, and alkalinity.

Plus, algaecide & stain preventer, clarifier and other water fining agents.

Swimming Pool

Once you are a customer we can help with even more. For an additional fee we can help with:

  • Extra Filter Cleanings

  • Solar On/Off

  • Debris Removal

  • Troubleshooting

  • Owner Orientation

  • Digital System Programming

  • Equipment Repair

  • Cleaner Repair

  • Severe Weather Damage

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Not a customer of ours?

No Problem

All new customers will need an initial visit.  This takes about 10 minutes and nobody needs to be present for the pool evaluation. We will test the water, look over the equipment, and answer your questions.



Locally Owned

22 Years Experience

Licensed &

Fully Insured




  • Service Reports Emailed Weekly
  • Emailed Billing & Online Payments

new customers

Get to Know Us

Elk Grove Pools is a small, locally owned weekly service provider. It has always been my goal to keep your swimming pool balanced, healthy, and problem free year round. Over the past two decades of daily pool work, I have built an extensive knowledge base spanning water chemistry as well as equipment new and old.


Since 1999, I have been extensively trained and have received ongoing education to be sure your pool is in the best hands.  I always keep a clean and professional appearance and treat your yard as if it were my own.

I will be your service technician each week and I will quite literally know your swimming pool inside and out.

My service truck is stocked with all the essential parts you may need so I can keep your pool going with no downtime. Should you need any other parts, I can get and deliver them right to your door.


Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!

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We have an online form that's used to share and gather all the important information.  Simply click on the button below and answer a few simple questions.

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Elk Grove Pools services residential swimming pools in most of Elk Grove & Laguna. View our service area map to see if you are in our area.  It is important to know that simply having a weekly pool service does not mean there is nothing else to take care of or that there will not be any further expense. As skilled and thorough as we are, we are still only there once a week. Some basic pool owner responsibilities are maintaining water levels, removing leaves & debris, brushing regularly, assuring that systems are working correctly the other six days of the week, and notifying us when something is not right. Together, we will make a great team. Visit our Customer Center for more helpful tips.

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